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    Our Challenge to You:

    What would you add to ChemDraw to help you do better science?

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    What is the ChemDraw Innovation Challenge?

    We’re inviting ChemDraw’s more than 1 million users to think about how the chemical drawing platform might help you do your science just that much better.

    No Idea is Too Small…or Too Big

    No idea is too small, incremental, radical or disruptive. As a community of users and scientists doing a wide range of work, you have no doubt reached a limit, or thought of a way we could better support you in your use of ChemDraw and the family of ChemDraw solutions including Chem3D, ChemDraw Cloud, ChemDraw for Excel, ChemFinder, and our new PerkinElmer Signals Notebook for ChemDraw.

    Do you wish ChemDraw:

    * Would become the Google Docs of collaborative chemistry?
    * Could support Biomolecular HELM Notation?
    * Offered support for a specific plug-in?

    Whatever your notion or idea, we want to hear about it!

    Remember: Ideas will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

    The idea is innovative and never been implemented in the similar products on market before.

    Improved Approach
    The idea has significant advantage over the current approach.

    The idea is technically possible to implement, you may also share the ways to implement it.

    The idea improves on the way you or your colleague has been doing science.

    The idea has potential impact to the technology used in the current market.